Step into convenience and comfort at AsmitA Daffodils 15 – a haven. This project invites you to call it home. Nestled near Naya Nagar Road and Hotel Gangtok in Shanti Nagar, it’s more than just a residence – it’s a promise of modern living that resonates with your aspirations.

AsmitA Group, a renowned developer firm, is behind this residential gem. Mira Road East, a prime area, offers seamless access to attractions, work, and recreational options, enhancing your daily living experience.

Imagine a life where convenience and attractions are mere moments away, where your home becomes a hub of possibilities. AsmitA Daffodils 15 is more than just an address; it reflects a lifestyle curated to ensure that every day brings something new and exciting. Embrace a space that’s not just a residence but an embodiment of modernity, accessibility, and allure.