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General Questions

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AsmitA Group embraces the core values of innovation, authenticity, and inclusivity to create a world where dreams become realities. Our company further aims to pioneer transformative solutions that drive success across many sectors.

AsmitA Group was founded in 1985, and since then, they have emerged as one of the top most Indian conglomerates. 

Yes, AsmitA Grand Maison is a planet-friendly project focused on sustainability and several eco-friendly features.

AsmitA Group is committed to leading the change in the real estate industry to prioritise environmental stewardship. We build homes that blend economic progress with ecological responsibilities.

S. Muzaffar Hussain, the founder of the company and a renowned political figure, is the spokesperson for AsmitA Group. Mazhar Syed, the Director of Marketing and Sales, is the second spokesperson for AsmitA Group. 

The AsmitA Group has already made a mark as an established real estate company in India. The Group aims to implement smart artificial intelligence solutions to streamline daily life.

The AsmitA Group works across several sectors in the country like real estate, organic farming, wellness, education, healthcare, retail, and financial services.

The headquarters of AsmitA Group is in Mira Road, Mumbai.

AsmitA Group's vision for Mira Road is comprehensive, focusing on enhancing every aspect of community life. Our flagship project, AsmitA Grand Maison, embodies luxury living complemented by a vibrant commercial profile. Our organic food brand promotes health, while our educational institutes ensure international-level education. We're shaping Mira Road into a dynamic and thriving hub for all. 

Real Estate Questions:

New around here ? Start With the Basics
Mr. Saiyad Muzaffar Hussain is the owner of AsmitA India Realty, a renowned social activist and a political figure.

All the new and ongoing projects by AsmitA India Realty are registered under RERA.

AsmitA India Realty proudly boasts more than three decades of real estate experience.

Visit the official website of AsmitA India Realty to learn about the ongoing projects or contact us directly at to know more details. 

AsmitA India Realty builds both commercial and residential properties tailored to the needs of the clients or customers.

Fill out the 'Contact Us' form on the official website "paste the link as well", or email "give the ID" to connect with our experts and schedule property tours.