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Whereas the group started operation in 1985 and made rapid progress in real estate development, the contribution of S.Muzaffar Hussain's family in the development of Mira Road is noteworthy. The family can be credited with the vision & ambition of creating a self contained township providing quality education, homes and social institutions for their neighbors. From the inception of the Railway Station at Mira Road to the current ambitious project of constructing a world-class Super Specialty Hospital, The UMRAO Hospital,. The contribution of Asmita Group is writ large.

The name of ASMITA Group is synonymous with that of Saiyad Muzaffar Hussain and both are intrinsically linked with Mira Road.

Asmita Group is an industry leader in providing middle-class homes. Constructing buildings, however, is only part of the ASMITA story. S. Muzaffar Hussain is a visionary, entrepreneur, social activist and a political figure with a deep sense of balancing corporate stewardship with social responsibility. Towards this, he has been guiding the activities and growth of the Asmita Group, these past two decades.

Having a strong belief in secularism and democracy, S. Muzaffar Hussain has been a pioneer in solving major infrastructural problems. His dedicated efforts resulted in bringing home, to Mira Road, necessities such as electricity, water supply, proper roads and drainage, public transport services, cooking gas pipe line, opening of fish and vegetable markets and ration shops.

Additionally, the creation, management and maintenance of public service facilities such as Cremation Ground (Vaikunt Dham), Burial Grounds and Cemeteries (across religions), a Public Joggers Park, Blood Bank, Municipal Hospital, Library, Morgue Room are other contributions that stand out.

Not remaining satisfied with serving  Mira Road, S. Muzaffar Hussain is continuing to reach out to other adjoining areas in pursuit of developments benefiting the common man.

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