N.J Urdu School 2017-2018

N.J Urdu School

Started in 2002, this vernacular School was a much awaited addition for the large Muslim Community resident in Mira Road (E). From a humble beginning of 100 children, today the School plays host to over 900 eager students and is continuing to grow.



N.J Urdu School was founded by Saiyed Nazar Hussain in 2002 with the vision of providing quality education to Urdu medium students at minimal cost. Starting with just two classes, the school has since made significant strides in delivering education, instilling values, and offering proper guidance to its students. Under the leadership of Principal Saiyed Nigar Sultana, the school has consistently organized various annual co-curricular activities throughout its academic years.

1.Drawing And Craft Exhibition:
In very few years of its inception  N.J. Urdu School held its 1st Drawing and Craft exhibition which was inaugurated by the then Deputy Mayor Of Mira Road  Mrs. Saiyed Noorjahan Nazar Hussain and was attended by all parents and representatives of many other schools and was a huge success. 
2.Educational Activities:

Each academic year, the school meticulously plans and organizes a variety of educational activities, including Poetry Recitation, Storytelling, Handwriting, Drawing, and other competitions across different levels. For instance, Poetry Recitation and Storytelling competitions are held for K.G and Primary students, while Secondary students participate in Handwriting, Debates, and Elocution competitions. These activities play a crucial role in enhancing students’ critical thinking, communication skills, and mental acuity. 

3.Physical Activities/Competitions:

The school also organizes fun activities such as Fun and Fare, where students plan and participate in games, cooking, and other enjoyable activities. Additionally, students actively engage in various sports competitions, marathons, cyclothons, cricket, football, and more, organized by local bodies and other schools. Furthermore, the school has hosted Mehndi competitions, with prizes awarded to the winning students.

4.Social Activities: Tree Plantation

In response to the concerning decline in our city’s ecological health and dwindling tree cover, N.J. School takes a proactive stance by organizing annual tree plantation drives. Each year, our dedicated students plant hundreds of saplings, not only on school grounds but also in areas surrounding Mira Road. This commitment extends beyond the schoolyard, as evidenced by our recent collaboration with the local congress office on a joint tree planting project in Mira Road.

5.Inter School Competition:

N.J. School takes immense pride in its students’ well-rounded development. We consistently encourage participation in inter-school competitions, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and providing valuable learning experiences.

Our students have consistently excelled in a variety of competitions, showcasing their talent and dedication. They have participated and won in writing, speaking, drawing, and craft competitions held by various schools.

6.Free health checkups:
Wockhardt Hospital (formerly Umrao Hospital) organized a free medical camp in N.J., offering checkups for mothers and students. The camp identified various nutritional deficiencies among participants, who were then provided with basic supplements, medication, and valuable health advice.
7.Patriotic Activities:
Students participate every year in the celebration of   15th August and 26th January parade, flag hosting speeches and they also attend local independence day programmes and rallies.
8.Career Guidance:
Career planning guidance lectures are held every year in N.J School for higher class students. School has also initiated lectures on writing and understanding question paper before final exams, especially for the S.S.C students in subjects like URDU, MARATHI, ENGLISH, ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY, and HISTORY CIVICS & SCIENCE. 
For example:
  1. MR. ABU BAKER NAGORI:   Ex H.M BMC School Algebra & Geometry.
  2. MR. NAFEES AHMED: Assistant teacher in Jogeshwari : Millat School, Science.
  3. JAWWAD : Shibli Nomai school. Social Science

The students of STD Xth always attend career guidance lectures organized by the “KAWISH TEAM AT SHAN MUKUNANAD HALL” at Sion.

9.Religious , Social and other activities:

Each year, we host a joyous Eid-Milan celebration for our students. Children come dressed in their beautiful Eid attire, sharing a meal and festive activities.

N.J. School goes beyond academics to foster well-being. We hold informative workshops on personal hygiene for both girls and boys. Experts from local organizations address various aspects of physical, mental, and spiritual health, guiding students towards a holistic approach to self-care.

Recognizing the importance of legal awareness, N.J. School has organized lectures by qualified speakers, all approved by Principal Saiyed Nigar Sultana, who holds a law degree. These sessions aim to dispel misconceptions and provide a clear understanding of local and national laws, their implications, and the importance of responsible citizenship.

10.Cleanliness Drive:
Our students are passionate about keeping their environment clean! They organize cleanliness drives in the local area, carrying informative placards and banners. These messages encourage residents to participate in keeping our surroundings clean, highlighting the positive impact it has on our health and preventing major illnesses.
11.Educational and Recreational Trips:

To enrich the learning experience, N.J. School organizes engaging field trips throughout the year. These trips allow students to explore diverse locations and gain practical knowledge beyond the classroom. Here are some of the exciting destinations:

  • Nehru Planetarium: Students embark on a cosmic journey, learning about our solar system, stars, and planets.
  • Yusuf Maherally Center and Go Green Nursery: This trip fosters environmental awareness, where students can witness sustainable practices and learn about plant life.
  • Parle-G Factory and Mahananda Dairy: Students get a glimpse into the production process of familiar food items, gaining insights into food science and industry.
  • Keshav Srushti: This botanical garden provides a hands-on learning experience in agriculture and tree plantation, fostering appreciation for nature.
12.Sport Day:
Sport day is a major three days event in N.J. School. We take all our students to the big ground in N.H School and hold various competitions.
A] Running
B] Frog Jump
C] Cap Race
D] Langdi
E] Book Balance
F] Marble and Spoon
G] Potato Race
H] Hurdles
 I] Shot-put
All events and various rounds are held over a period two days at the end of which winners are selected and prizes are distributed. 
13. Celebrating Milestones at N.J. School:

N.J. School celebrates various milestones throughout the year. Students participate in external events like the “TARE ZAMIN PER” organized by the Congress party of Mira Road (February 14th, 2018), while internal celebrations include a Farewell party for graduating tenth graders every year and Children’s Day festivities on November 14th.

14.Every year a “Farewell party” is arranged for standard Xth students.
15. On 14th November every year Children’s day celebrations are held in the school. 
16.Establishment of a A.V Room:
Last year in 2017 the school received most latest audio visual projector with the help of which teaching has become fun real and a virtual experience for the students of all ages.
A Legacy of Excellence at N.J. School

With over 16 years of excellence, N.J. School has seen steady growth. Seven batches of S.S.C. students have achieved a remarkable 100% pass rate! Our classrooms are big, clean, airy, and well-lit. All teachers are well-qualified and trained, receiving ongoing guidance from the Principal and strong support from the school management led by Saiyed Muzaffar Hussain.

Telephone : 0091-22-2810 2522 (N. J. Urdu School)
Address :-Lodha Road, Mira Road (E) - 401107
N. J. Urdu School 2017-2018