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Social and Philanthropic Activities

S. Muzaffar Hussain is managing trustee of two Trusts created in 1990, devoted to philanthropic and social causes.

The Sultan Khan Education Trust was founded by his father, Mr. S. Nazar Hussain. The Trust takes care of the yearly education of over 500 students, spread over all walks of life and representing religions across the board and has the following institutions currently under operation:
• N. H. English Academy established in 1991
• N.J. Urdu School established in 2002
• Asmita College of Architecture established in 2006

The Umrao Institute of Medical Science & Research Trust, dedicated to the memory of
S. Nazar Hussain's
mother, pays medical expenses for around 250+ patients every year. The trust is presently engaged in building the Rs 100+ cr, state-of-the-art, multi specialty hospital , The UMRAO Hospital, in Mira Road. For details visit website www.umraohospital.org

As a sitting member of the Maharashtra Legislative Council, S. Muzaffar Hussain is continuously engaged in promoting and assisting Mira Road and neighboring areas in social and the other welfare activities. Through MLC Funds, he has been instrumental in constructing irrigation dams, walling and maintaining kabrastaan, community centers, public toilets and construction of roads in interior parts of Maharashtra.

Closer home, he has initiated the construction of the 50 bed Municipal Hospital in Mira Road, a ground plus 2 floors establishment , with library, blood bank and morgue room.

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